Digital Resources for Teachers

Edcodigital is a hub of dynamic digital materials, exclusively designed for teachers and accessible with minimal IT knowledge. It hosts ebook versions of over 250 of Edco’s most popular textbooks and a bank of 14,000 easy-to-use resources. Log in to edcodigital, or register below, to prepare, plan and deliver stimulating lessons in a hassle-free way.

Attractions and Benefits for Teachers

All you need is a computer and projector, or an Interactive White Board, and broadband to incorporate edcodigital’s wealth of materials into any lesson. edcodigital allows content to be easily presented in exciting new ways and will open up a whole new classroom experience for you and your students.

  • Free access to ebook versions of over 250 of Edco’s titles
  • An extensive bank of over 14,000 extra resources, including podcasts, videos, websites, posters, lesson plans and schemes of work
  • Cater for different learning styles and encourage active student participation using edcodigital’s lively digital resources
  • Free access to all digital resources upon adoption of the title on your booklist, as well as free trial access to three ebooks that are not featured on your booklist
  • Convenient access to all materials through one location
  • Enhance the learning and teaching experience, from lesson preparation to personalising resources, using edcodigital