New Discovery 2018 Higher and Ordinary Level

New Discovery 2018 Higher and Ordinary Level

Authors: Kevin McDermott, Patrick Murray, Karol Sadleir & Mary Slattery

Subject: English

A new poetry anthology for the Leaving Certificate Examination 2018.

Key Features

 Improved student-friendly format

 Clear and visually attractive presentation, with photographic illustrations throughout

 At-a-glance student-friendly revision chart for each Higher Level poet

 All poems for Ordinary and Higher Level examinations included (useful for mixed-ability groups)

 Biographical introduction for every poet, with emphasis on social and cultural context

 Every poem is accompanied by:
- Detailed, thought-provoking guidelines
- Useful glossaries
Questions that explore themes and techniques

 8 sample essays and timelines for all Higher Level poets

 Personal response is encouraged throughout, as recommended by the syllabus committee of the Department of Education and Skills

 Snapshots of Higher Level poets and Ordinary Level poems to aid revision

 Examination-style questions for all poems

 Advice on preparing for the examination and answering examination-style questions

 Guidelines for reading unseen poetry, with sample poems and questions

 Glossary of poetic terms.