Authors: Philip Campion, Declan O'Neill & Karol Sadleir

Subject: English

A brand new First Year English text focusing specifically on the new Junior Certificate course. It covers the Strands, the Learning Outcomes and the Key Skills and delivers a range of digital resources in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Key Features

  • A rich and visually stimulating textbook with clear opportunities to address all Learning Outcomes
  • Guidelines for the new Junior Cycle specification on poetry, story, drama and non-literary texts covered in detail
  • All 22 Learning Outcomes for First Year aligned with suitable formative and summative assessment
  • Organised into nine units, with a mixture of drama, poetry, short stories, novels, and media, as well as themed units
  • Reading, Writing and Oral Language Outcomes are fully integrated throughout the exercises, making learning real and enjoyable
  • An ePortfolio activity introduced in every chapter
  • Student-friendly Learning Outcomes signposted to aid teacher planning and assessment
  • Differentiated texts and activities designed for a wide range of abilities and learning styles
  • Imaginative, practical and creative activities to promote individual and group engagement
  • Exercises and activities have been piloted in schools
  • ‘Young Writer’s Workshop’ provides guidance on writing in various genres, together with samples of each style
  • Rich models of language are a major feature of the book
  • Includes activities incorporating the key skills of numeracy
  • Promotes effective collaboration in the classroom
  • Assessment, including peer assessment, of Learning Outcomes is a constant feature of the units
  • FREE Teacher’s Resource Book
  • FREE How to Create an ePortfolio e-book for teachers, to guide students on how to create and use ePortfolio systems and how to build digital artefacts
  • FREE Spirals website; teachers and students can access a range of videos and interactive activities at www.edco.ie/spirals

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